Best Deals in Kona - Day 6 Kohala Pololu Mahukona Spencer

Day six is going to be a stretch of the name of the series because we are headed to Kohala Coast. I recommend starting early because it is going to be a full day.

Grab a quick breakfast and hit the road. KTA often has malasada and mochi in the bakery section. They are good for a fast breakfast. Set your GPS to Pololu. Make sure to enjoy the view during the drive. If you are the driver make sure to take advantage of the scenic viewpoints along the way to take in the beauty of the coast. 

This is a steep yet easy hike. Wear comfy shoes and pack water. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to hike down but you will want to explore and relax. The valley has a magical feel to it and the views are breathtaking. Bring a towel to spread out and relax in the shade while you take in the beauty. I would not recommend swimming as there is a pretty strong shore break. But you can wade in a bit to cool off.

Hiking back up takes a bit longer. I would budget about twice as long to get back to the top. Tell everyone you are stopping for photos so you can catch your breath. Once you are back to your car, head to Fresh Off the Grid. They are a cute little food stand right outside of Pololu. They open at 10am and serve a wide variety of fresh and local foods. 

Next stop, Mahukona Beach Park. This is an abandonded Sugar Cane Mill and Harbor. There is still a ladder for easy water entry as well as decaying equipment from sugar can production days. Bring snorkel gear and spend an hour exploring the harbor. 

To end your epic day exploring the Kohala Coast, stop by Pu’ukohola Heiau National Historic Site. This site shares about the beginning of the unification of the Hawaiian Islands by King Kamehameha I. Great for the history buffs in the group. Park is open until 5pm. Lastly, head nextdoor to Spencer Beach on the way back to Kona for a nice sandy beach swim. There are restrooms and a shower. Rinse off and change into dry clothes. Grab a quick dinner from Sack n Save or KTA and turn in early. 

Best Deals in Kona - Day 7

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