Guard Well Farm

Our farm is located in the Kona Coffee belt on the slopes of Hualalai on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This region is famous for growing the best coffee on earth.

Guard Well Farm - The Best Coffee on Earth

Our small five acre family farm has the perfect environment to grow world class estate coffee.  The volcanic soil is rich in nutrients and drains perfectly.  Early morning sun keeps the coffee growing, while mid morning clouds and afternoon rain provide exactly enough moisture to provide the smooth flavor that Kona coffee is famous for.

The cloud forest that surrounds the farm is full of lush tropical plants that fill the air with the sweet scent of flowers and Hawaii's location in the middle of the Pacific ensures that the air is clean and pure.

The farm is owned and operated by the Montgomery family and bears motto of Clan Montgomery, Castle Polnoon, Eaglesham, Scotland.  The "Guard Well" motto has its roots in the family's military tradition of service.

Guard Well LogoThe farm crest is derived from the traditional Montgomery family crest which depicts a lady in blue holding an anchor in her dexter hand and the severed head of an enemy in her sinister hand.

Our crest depicts a woman facing a mountain with a katana in her sinister hand and the severed head of a Gorgon in her dexter hand.  She is in a posture of victory after defeating the Gorgon and putting its Kaiju back to sleep.  The crest depicts the events of August 2018 that ended the Kaiju outbreak at Kilauea.

Trail of destruction left by 2018 Kaiju outbreak at Kilauea