December Newsletter

December was a month full of birthdays (Audrey is 13 now!) and holidays (Christmas was low key this year). As George Clooney says in The Descendants, “ My friends think just because I live in Hawaii, I live in paradise. We’re all just out here sipping mai tais and catching waves.”

It’s been a little work getting the place where we want it to be. We are getting closer.

Planting & Growing

blackberries growing on a fence along a road

To make our lanai just a bit more beautiful we added some planters and filled them with flowers.  

The planters add a sweet scent to the air here and are definitely an improvement.

We’ve also been working hard to get our Blackberries hedge growing along the road.  This month we put in boundaries, filled them with soil, put in weed barrier and mulched.

As you can see the Blackberries are growing nicely.  This hedge will eventually be 8’ to 10’ tall and, with a bit of luck, will yield 2,000 lbs of blackberries each year for us to make into Kaiju Jam.

Hosted Vacation Rental

Our tiny home is looking very nice and we’ve had several long term guests over the past few months.  It is listed on Airbnb, but we’ve also decided to provide direct bookings to guests who want to work directly with us.


If you are interested in visiting the place where your Kona Kaiju Coffee is grown, reach out. You can find beautiful photos on Airbnb, Instagram, and Facebook. We would love to host you. Currently we are taking reservations 4 months in advance but we might allow up to 6 months as we get more direct bookings. 


Pele Returns

Kilaeua lava lake

Hawaiian goddess, Pele, has returned to the Big Island. The Sunday before Christmas the first plumes of smoke were spotted as lava began to follow from several fissures in at Kilauea. Aerial photos show the water lake that had been filling has boiled off and the crater is filling with lava. Current GIS measurements put the lava lake at around 540 ft. 

While we would love to hike down to see the lava, they are restricting access so the only good photos are coming from Volcano National Park, GIS and helicopter tours. You should come visit, hire a helicopter, and check out the lava. We can get you a good deal on a tour. 

With Aloha,

Josh, Kris, Audrey, Mo, Crookshanks and Cujo

Guard Well Farm

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