October Newsletter

October was dry. This is the only time of year we wish for air conditioning. For the first time all year we went an entire week with no rain. This is good for cherry picking but not good for our new catchment tank. We want the tank to be full but not while we are outside picking. 

Harvest Continues

The crop is coming in well. The cherries are vibrant red and falling off the trees. Our job is to get to them before they are too ripe. After we pick them we remove the outer cherry skin. Then they are left to soak in water for 24 hours to remove the slimy mucilage.  A quick rinse and a two week sunbath to dry the parchment comes next. Processing coffee is a lengthy process that we enjoy immensely. 

We plan to have enough picked and dried to take to the dry mill to have the outer husk removed by mid-November. The green coffee is then stored in proper bags until it is time to roast. Our coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. 

Black Friday Deals

The holidays are fast approaching. Now is the time to plan both holiday giving and supplies for any plans or gatherings you might have. We know it is an unusual year and the usual gatherings may not happen. That’s a good reason to have a little extra coffee around for virtual gatherings and for sitting around in the evening enjoying a program.


Farm Improvements

long rock wall along driveway

In addition to picking cherries we have also been making a few improvements around the farm. During the rainy season we have a few times per year that there are flash floods on the property. In the two years we have experienced this we have witnessed erosion around the floodplain and the stream bed.


We decided to combat the erosion in part by building a small rock wall along the driveway to divert and direct water flow. Since finishing the first stage of the wall we have had one period of heavy rain and our plan is working well so far. 


The best part about building the rock wall was learning how to build one in the future. If we decide we need to repair or build an additional wall we now have the skills to do so in house.

With Aloha,


Josh, Kris, Audrey, Mo, Crookshanks and Cujo

Guard Well Farm

75-1097 Keopu Mauka Dr.

Holualoa, HI 96725


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