Kona Snow

Snow?! In Kona? You've got to be kidding, it doesn't snow in Hawaii.

Actually, it does snow in Hawaii. Mauna Kea is blanketed in snow every winter. Last week brought 2 feet of snow at the peak of almost 14,000 feet.

But it doesn't snow in Kona. What we do have is the beautiful white coffee flower. 

Kona coffee flowers are a sight to behold, but when they appear on the trees in a certain way, they can look just like snow. This phenomenon is often referred to as "Kona snow" and is a fun sight for coffee enthusiasts and tourists alike.

The appearance of Kona snow is due to the timing of the coffee bloom and the location of the trees. Kona coffee trees typically bloom in the late winter/early spring months, and when the white flowers cover the trees, they can create a snowy effect. The contrast between the white flowers and the dark green leaves of the trees is striking and can be a breathtaking sight.

Overall, Kona snow is a unique and magical sight that adds to the allure of Kona coffee. It is a reminder of the beauty of nature and the hard work that goes into producing a truly exceptional product.

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