Sunday Adventures - Kiholo Bay

Kiholo Bay is another great hike/walk. Not too challenging and not too long. We like to park on the side of the road and walk in. It is mostly open but part of the trail is shaded until you get to the coast. Then you walk along the beach to the cove. We love wading in and just swimming around and floating until our fingers are wilted. 

Two things to note: it is a not a sandy entry so bring water shoes if you don't want to hobble over the rocks. And it is a bit secluded so there are no bathrooms or water once you reach the swimming area. There is a lua on the way for use in emergency. 

I would pack a lunch, bring a towel, grab a few cold beverages, and remember your water shoes. Plan to spend a few hours there as it is very relaxing. 

On my last trip we saw almost a dozen honu grazing at the shore line. Once we saw a monk seal asleep. Never approach either as they are protected creatures.