Sunday Adventures - Pu'uhonau O Honaunau

Most Sundays you will find me out exploring the island. This is usually in the form of a hike or walk and often a swim activity. On good days we have lunch after and enjoy the day.

This Sunday we went back to a favorite hike, the 1871 Trail behind Pu'uhonau O Honaunau or Place of Refuge. It is a favorite because it is next to a great snorkel spot, Two Step or Honaunau Bay. We like to hike the trail a bit and then jump in the water to cool off and see some fishes. That is exactly what we did this day.

Two Step is called that because of the rock ledges that allow for easy entry and exit for almost all ability levels. The water can be a bit rougher in the winter and I've struggled to get up on the ledge before the next wave pulls me back in. But it's not too bad. Plus the coral and lava make it a great place to see a lot of fish.