What Not to Do, 3 Mistakes Guests Make

We have hosted a lot of guests over the years here at Guard Well Farm in our Tiny Home and Coffee Farm Stay. The three big mistakes I see guests make are:

1) Over packing

We get it. For many this is a one time trip of a lifetime. You want to look your best and show off all the outfits you spent months perfecting. But the weather and the environment are going to make many of your outfits not practical. Hawaii is a place for exploration, discovery, and adventure. The wind and water are going to do a number on your hair, outfit and shoes. Don't pack fancy clothing, high heels, hair dryer, or much makeup. Tech types, leave the fancy gear at home. It is likely to get stolen or broken. Or you will be in an area with no drones allowed. Unless you are a professional photographer, just take cell phone photos. They are good enough. Spend your time being present.

2) Purchasing bottled water

This one surprises most people. Isn't bottled water safer? Is it? Are you 100% sure that plastic, single use bottle that had contents added to it days or even weeks ago is safer than the water that locals drink? Also, think about the environmental impact of all that single use plastic. Are you 100% sure it will get recycled? And is that any good for the environment? Pack a reusable water bottle in the space made by leaving all your fancy gear and clothing at home. 

3) Not meal planning, over buying food

This one is hard. You need to do a little research about local food options, see what meals you want to eat out versus make in your vacation rental. There is not a lot of information out there and the pandemic changed a lot. Use Google to find good restaurants. If you have a Costco membership, make that your main grocery store. You can stock up on breakfast and lunch items and make dining out a dinner practice. Even with planning you still might end up with too much food. Ask your vacation rental host if there is a good place to donate the extra food.


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